Selling Used Car in Vancouver

As you know, selling a used car in Vancouver is easy with, but there are few things you need to consider for the selling process. Let’s pretend you are a buyer for a second, what do you look for when buying a used vehicle? You will probably look for good quality, good deal, and many other features such as low mileage, history, and even cleanliness, all these can be one of the factors that help making this big decision. So if you think like that, it’s most likely the car buyer will think like that. Before putting your used auto up for sales, has a few tips to share with you.

Auto Selling Process

By getting ready for your used car selling process, if you are in the lower mainland area such as Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, etc, an AirCare inspection is needed for a used vehicle, so you want to make sure you have all the inspection report and repair paper work in place. You may also want to look into getting a Vehicle History Reports such as ICBC-produced Vehicle Claims History or a special verified report from CarProof, these reports make the buyers feel confident in the used auto you are selling and will definitely boost your vehicle value. It’s also a good idea type up a list of added value such as body kits, wheels, and speakers.

How much do I sell my car for?

Once you have all the reports and forms ready, you need to find out how much you should sell your used car for. The easiest way is to see how much others list the similar make and model for by doing some research on an auto buy and sell websites. has a list of used auto for sale In Vancouver and BC areas that you can refer to, otherwise other online auto trade sites should be able to help, just do a search on Google. You can also look at the classifieds section of your local newspapers, even community magazine like “Burnaby Now” may have some vehicle listings similar to yours. Ask your friends, co-workers or even mechanic at Canadian Tires how much they will buy it for. All these should give you a pretty good idea how much to list it for.

Advertise your auto in Vancouver, BC

Start to sell your used car now!  No hassle, no obligation, totally free! can sell and advertise your used auto for free as you already know. See a list of Vancouver used auto here. All our sellers took full advantage of our simple yet featured rich auto selling tool to list their vehicle for sale without a dime but couple minutes of their time. If you think our website cannot help you in any ways for whatever reason, there are also tons of other auto trade sites online will also let you advertise and post your used vehicle, just make sure you find one that’s free because really, why pay when you can list for free? If internet isn’t your area, you may want to pay a small fee on advertising it on the newspaper or local magazine, but you know how effective that would be. Do not forget about the ‘For Sale’ sign, you can buy one for a dollar at your local dollar shops, or you can always print a free one here.

Closing Sale

When it comes to closing your auto sale, here are few tips suggests:

Are you ready to sell your used auto? We are ready to help at no charge. All you need is a couple minutes of your time to list your vehicle for sale. Try it out and if you are not fully happy about our service, you can always cancel your ad by contacting us, you have nothing to lose.

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